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God Will Use Your Test To Create Your Testimony
Your Pain is Positioning You For Purpose

Sometimes the challenges, difficulties, and the storms of life can seem insurmountable. It feels like God is so far away, HE can not be reached, but it’s in those moments that God is working in you and preparing you for your next level, leading and guiding you to discover His assignment for your life.

It doesn’t matter how high the waves are, and even though you may not feel His presence all the time, as long as Jesus is in the storm with you, you are going to get to the other side, just like HE said and did with His disciples in Mark 4:35-41. Despite the storm, they still made it to the other side because God is not a man that he should lie; if he says it, it shall come to pass!( Numbers 23:19)

God’s purposes cannot miscarry. God will never fail; He will never falter and He will be revealed powerfully through His chosen vessels. He is raising up a remnant from unlikely places and He is about to unveil His assignments for them in the midst of the storms.

If you are being tested, experiencing a shake up, going through a storm but you are still hungry for God, or following His Word and seeking what He has to say even in the face of every attack from the enemy of our soul, then you are are one of the chosen vessels.

You are invited to join us in this upcoming event to receive tools you need to navigate through the storm to discern YOUR specific purpose in the midst of the storm.

God has a word for you, don’t MISS YOUR MOMENT!

Free Event - September 30, 2017 12-2 

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