Mercy Abbey

Mercy Abbey

Mercy Abbey

Mercy Abbey is an author, Speaker, Mentor, consultant and a Spiritual life Coach known for her approachable spirit and discernment.

Mercy has over twenty years of professional experience in connecting with others in various environments, including healthcare and business. However, with each phase of her journey, there was a common thread where she spent a great deal of time inspiring and empowering others. While she enjoyed and always made the best of each position, she always felt there was a greater purpose for her. At God’s appointed time she was led to leave a successful healthcare business she’d personally built from the ground up to do what she loves and what she knows God called her to do-- Help others.

Through her keen gifts, Coach Mercy has the unique ability to see the potential in people and to motivate them to cultivate the gifts that often lie dormant within them.

Mercy is entrusted with a unique kingdom mandate as a prophetic advisor. She has over twelve years of advisory experience in spiritual warfare and strategic/prophetic counsel to leaders and others in various sectors/areas.

She has personally overcome great adversities in life and she is someone you can count on to relate to the struggles you may find yourself in; regardless of your socio-economic status, she will walk beside you as you journey from where you are to the better future you desire.

Her deepest desire is to help others grow and embrace a deeper relationship to discover a great life through Christ.

The word says in the book of Jeremiah 29:11-

“For I know the plans I have for you, saith the Lord. It is a plan to prosper you and not do harm to you. To give you hope and a future.”

Mercy’s mission is to empower, exhort and equip others with time-tested foundational principles that never fail as practical life coaching tools to guide them to discover and walk in God’s unique design for their lives; to experience significance and true fulfillment.

Mercy Abbey is the founder and president of Rhema Preserve Global, LLC. No matter your past, your struggles or your vision for your life, let Coach Mercy help you breakthrough to the fullness of life that God has ordained for you. Coach Mercy will help you connect your head, your heart and your spirit to maximize your life without limits!

Mercy Abbey is a:

  • Certified Life Breakthrough coach
  • Certified Biblical Coach
  • Member of the Biblical Coaching Alliance
  • Member of the Christian Coaches Network

Mercy offers honesty, integrity, knowledge, faith, wisdom, sincerity, humor, inspiration, courage, strength, guidance, encouragement, motivation, empowerment, determination and a caring heart with a plan of action!

Mercy will help you to grow and mature in all areas of your life. She is passionate about helping called participants to transform their lives, tap into their greatest potential, find their life's purpose and live life to the fullest.