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"The Calling: Are You Following The Master's Voice?" by Mercy Abbey - $16 (including S&H)

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Everyone has been called for a purpose, a destiny, under God’s plan for life--but what is that calling? What spiritual gifts have we been given, and what is our true identity in Jesus Christ? Christian author Mercy Abbey wondered the same thing when her “living the American dream” lifestyle crumbled. She was faced with an important decision: be paralyzed by the circumstances or see this outcome as part of God's provision for transforming her life.

In her new book, “The Calling: Are You following The Master's Voice”, Mercy's choice was to believe the biblical truths behind Jeremiah 29:11 and refocus her efforts to helping others discover their talents, dreams and visions for the future as a life coach. Her book, comprised of four spiritual principles she has used, encourages readers to learn more of themselves and who they are in God's plan, citizens of the Kingdom of God.

$16.00 (S&H Included)



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Living With Purpose   $19.99
Do you want to live a life of Purpose--A God-directed purpose?
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The Calling: 4pk. Cd Audio book + Printed book  $70 (S&H included) plus tax.



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